Indian Phytopathological Society instituted several awards time to time, which were instituted in the memory of renound Plant Pathologists of our country and also to recognize their significant contributions.

Society is grateful to the donors, who contributed liberally to strengthen the activities of the society. These award lectures are presented at the annual meetings of the society.

Awards of the Society

S.No. Name of the Award Year of Institution Guidelines Awardees Online Registration
1 Mundkur Memorial Award 1962 View View
2 Jeersannidhi Award 1981 View View
3 S.N. Dasgupta Memorial Award 1994 View View Apply
4 M.S. Pavgi Award 1990 View View
5 K.C. Mehta and Manoranjan Mitra Award 2000 View View Apply
6 A.P. Misra Lifetime Achievement Award 2000 View View
7 J.F. Dastur Memorial Award 2006 View View Apply
8 M.K. Patel Memorial Young Scientist Award 2006 View View Apply
9 A.K. Sarbhoy Memorial Award 2008 View View Apply
10 J.P. Verma Memorial Award 2008 View View
11 Sharda Lele Memorial Award 2010 View View Apply
12 S.P. Raychaudhuri Memorial Lecture 2011 View View
13 IPS Recognition Award 2010 View View
14 S. Sinha Memorial Award 2016 View View Apply
15 D.P. Misra & R.N. Pandey IPS Best Women Scientist Award 2018 View View Apply
16 B.N. Chakraborty and Usha Chakraborty IPS Best Teacher Award 2018 View View Apply
17 Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society (FPSI) 1962 View View Apply
18 A.N. Mukhopadhyay Oration Award for Innovation in Biointensive Management of Plant Diseases 2019 View View Apply


S.No. Name of the Contests Year of Institution Guidelines Awardees
1 M.J. Narasimhan Academic Merit Award 1972 View View
2 M.J. Narasimhan Medal Award for Best Research Paper 1984 View View
3 K.P.V. Menon Best Poster Award 1994 View View
4 S. Nagarajan - IPS Travels Sponsorship for Ph.D. Students 2001 View View
5 APS Travel Sponsorship for Ph.D. Students 2016 View View