Sharda Lele Memorial Lecture Award - Guidelines

Name of the Award

Sharda Lele Memorial Lecture Award 

Donor of the Award

Dr. V.C. Lele 

Periodicity of the Award

The Award shall be made annually.

Purpose the Award

  • To create incentive for research workers in the field of mycology and plant pathology.
  • The award shall be made for significant basic or applied research leading to results of practical importance in the field of plant pathology preferably on “Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables”. 

Administration of the Award

The Society shall have the right of selection of the recipient of the award.

Eligibility of the Award

IPS members, engaged in leading areas of plant pathology research throughout the country shall be eligible for the award.

Procedure for selection of Recipients

  • Nominations will be invited by the Society for the award from the members of the Executive Committee (E.C.) of the Society. Nominations shall be accompanied by a bio-data indicating attainment of the candidate
  • Nominations received will be scrutinized by a Screening Committee (SC) of three members constituted by E.C. which would include President, Immediate Past-Presidents of the Society
  • If any member of the E.C. or SC is to be considered for the award, he/she shall cease to be a member of these committees
  • After the acceptance of the recommendations of the Screening Committee by E.C., the award shall be announced

Presentation of the Award

The Society will inform the recipient of his selection and request him/her to deliver a lecture in the next annual meeting of the Society. The lecture will be printed in the journal Indian Phytopathology and should not exceed 15 printed pages.