Membership Information

Nearly 2500 members of the society are spread in India and approximately 50 other countries. It is the third-largest society of plant pathologists in the world. They comprise scientists, teachers, technicians, students, extension workers, company professionals, private consultants, administrators, agricultural field representatives and pest management personnel. Their professions vary, but they have a single common goal – to promote knowledge on plant diseases. Any person interested in the science of Plant Pathology shall be eligible for membership. The Society shall have annual members, students members, patrons, fellows and honorary fellows.

Membership and Subscription Rates

Membership Type Membership fee (Rs) GST (18%) Total Enroll Now
Indian Members (Amount in Rs.)
Student Annual Membership ₹1,000.00 ₹180.00 ₹1,180.00 Pay Now
General Annual Membership ₹1,500.00 ₹270.00 ₹1,770.00 Pay Now
Admission fee (for new members)
₹100.00 ₹18.00 ₹118.000 Pay Now

Foreign Members (Amount in US$)
Student Annual Membership $55.00 $9.90 $64.90 Pay Now
Annual Membership $60.00 $10.80 $70.80 Pay Now
Admission fee (for new members)
$10.00$1.80$11.80Pay Now
  • Life Membership fee (Indian): Rs. 12,000.00 (Rs. Twelve thousand only)
  • GST @18% is applicable on all membership/registration fees). 

Discounted Membership in student group life membership: 

A special discount of 30% for the student group life membership (group of minimum 10 students) has been approved by the EC for a limited period of one month only (May 01 - 30, 2023 ). However, there will be no any changes in discount of group life membership of faculty members, it will remain 10% discount for group of 10 minimum.

Life Membership: Rs. 12000.00

Less discount @ 30% : 3600

Total Amount : Rs. 8400.00

Add GST @18% : Rs. 1512.00

Total payable amount with GST : Rs. 9,912.00 (per member)

All the teachers/guides are requested to kindly inform their Ph.D. Research scholars to utilize this offer and motivate them to become the Life Member of the Society before May 31, 2023

The payment for life membership fee can be made in maximum two equal instalments.

Special discount in Life Membership fee for scientists/faculty members

A special discount of 20% for the life membership of scientists/faculties (as a group of minimum 10 members) has been approved by the EC for period of three months. The dates for this offer will be valid from  July 16, 2023 to October15, 2023.  

Life Membership: Rs. 12000.00

Less discount @ 20% : 2400

Total Amount : Rs. 9600.00

Add GST @18% : Rs.1728.00

Total payable amount with GST : Rs. 11,328.00 (per member)

The payment can be made by using the following details:

Name of the Account Holder  Indian Phytopathological Society 
Name of the Bank and Branch CANARA Bank, Pusa Campus, IARI, New Delhi 110012
Account Number 90292010005900
MICR Code 110025041