S.N. Dasgupta Lecture Award - Guidelines

Name of the Award

S.N. Dasgupta Lecture Award

Periodicity of the Award

The Award shall be made once in three years 

Eligibility of the Award

An active senior member of the Society of good standing who is above 45 and has made outstanding contributions in the field of Mycology (including Industrial/Medical Mycology) and Plant Pathology in general to cover all its disciplines recognized by the Society. 

Administration of the Award

The Society shall have the sole right of selection of the recipient of the award and of the formulation of rules governing such selection

Procedure for selection of Recipients

  • Nominations will be invited by the Society for the award from the members of the Executive Committee (E.C.) of the Society. The biodata and contributions of the person nominated for the award  will be sent on the prescribed proforma (attached). The award can with-held by the Executive Council /Judging Committee in their opinion no meritorious candidate is forthcoming in that year. They should indicate reason for that. 
  • The judging committee is required to disqualify any person for canvassing.
  • A person whose name is nominated for the award can not be a member of Screening/Judging Committee. Award can be given only once.
  • After the acceptance of the recommendations of the Screening Committee by E.C., the award shall be announced

Screening Committee

The preliminary screening will be done by the Executive Council who will recommend a panel of 5 names for consideration of the judging committee. 

Judging Committee

The judging Committee consisting of 5 members will be formed by the EC and formally approved by the General Body. Two/Three members will retire every 2 years. Initially the names of retiring members will be determined by draw of lot. The committee will select one name out of the panel suggested by the Executive Council for the award and their decision will be final. In the succeeding year, fresh nominations will be invited and name recommended by Executive Council. As the members may not be located at one place, they will reach a decision by correspond. No member of the EC will be member of this committee.

Presentation of the Award

  • After the acceptance of the names recommended by the Judging Committee by the Executive Council, it will be reported to the General Body. The Society will  inform the recipient of his selection and request him/her to deliver a lecture in the next annual meeting of the Society. The lecture be printed in the Journal (Indian Phytopathology) and it should be not exceed 15 printed pages.
  • If a person selected for the lecture award is unable to deliver the lecture due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances during that year, he may deliver the lecture in the following year. However, the award will lapse, if he is unable to come for the lecture in the following year also.