Dr. K.C. Mehta and Manoranjan Mitra Memorial Award - Guidelines

Name of the Award

Dr. K.C. Mehta and Manoranjan Mitra Memorial Review Article

Donor of the Award

52nd IPS Endowment Fund

Nature of the Award

A Citation for thought provoking Review Article on newer/emerging/issues/challenges in any field of Plant Pathology which will be published in Indian Phytopathology.

Periodicity of the Award

The Award shall be made once in a year.

Purpose the Award

To publish and disseminate the information on newer plant pathology.

Administration of the Award

The Society shall have the right of selection of the recipient of the award and the title of the Review Article.

Eligibility of the Award

All research workers, having at lest 10 year of standing as IPS member, engaged in leading areas of plant pathology research throughout the country shall be eligible for the award.

Procedure for selection of Recipients

  • Nominations for the award (Person and Review title) will be invited by the Society from the members of the Executive Committee (EC).
  • Nominations received will be scrutinized by a Screening Committee of three members constituted by E.C.
  • If any member of the E.C. or SC is to be considered for the award, he shall cease to be a member of these committees.
  • After the acceptance of the recommendation of the Screening Committee by E.C., the award shall be announced.

Presentation of the Award

  • The award shall be announced at the annual meeting of the Society.
  • The award shall be requested to submit the Review article to Editor-in-chief with in six months. In the event of non-receipt of the Review Article in the time, the review for the year will be skipped.