Perspectives of Plant Pathology (2016)

Book 1

Perspectives of Plant Pathology in genomic era

Editors:P. Chowdappa, Pratibha Sharma, Dinesh Singh and A.K. Misra
Year:2016 / Pages : 514
Price :Rs: 5995.00, US$ 120.00 (Discount 20%)
ISBN:81-7019-526-4 (India), 1-55528-382-9 (USA)

About the Book

This book provides an up to date knowledge on taxonomy of fungi, threats of invasive and emerging diseases, diagnostics, interaction of host and pathogens, induced host resistance, utilization of biological control agents for practical applications and the underlying mechanisms, RNAi mediated gene silencing, strategies to identify targets of new disease control with plant derived products and chemicals and special emphasis on bio-security for safeguarding agricultural production and trade. This book is the most comprehensive resource of current knowledge and will be highly useful to academia or industry related to crop health management.


  1. Diversity and taxonomy of fungi: Issues and challenges - C. Manoharachary (1-36)
  2. Molecular detection of fungal plant pathogens – Rashmi Aggarwal (37-55)
  3. Molecular identification, genetic diversity, population genetics and genomics of Rhizoctonia solani - Dilip K. Lakshman, Prashant P. Jambhulkar, Vimla Singh, Pratibha Sharma and Amitava Mitra (55-89)
  4. Recent trends in diagnosis of Ralstonia solanacearum causing bacterial wilt of solanaceous crops - Dinesh Singh (91-122)
  5. Huanglongbing (Greening) disease of citrus and its diagnosis – Y.S. Ahlawat and Dilip K. Ghosh (123-152)
  6. Citrus associated phytoplasmas: new findings and challenges - Mehdi Azadvar (153-165)
  7. Emerging Phytobacterial diseases in India: research status and challenges - Kalyan K. Mondal (167-178)
  8. Emerging Phytophthora threats to vegetable crops in South India - P. Chowdappa (179-212)
  9. Crop health management: Current scenario and future direction - C. Chattopadhyay and S.B. Sharma (213-224)
  10. Of production situations, plant health, and global changes -and from lock-in to new prospects in disease management - Serge Savary (225-234)
  11. RNAi mediated gene silencing against plant viruses - Avinash Marwal, R.K. Gaur and S.M. Paul Khurana (235-254)
  12. Potential of induced resistance to manage diseases of vegetable crops - Monica Sharma (255-270)
  13. Strategies, resources and tools to identify targets for new disease control chemicals for oomycete plant pathogens - Stephen C. Whisson (271-292)
  14. Fungicide resistance in Phytophthora: risk assessment and management strategies - T.S. Thind (293-304)
  15. Phytiatry: A distinct science, is a primary necessity for food security and modernization of global agriculture - Eleftherios C. Tjamos (305-321)
  16. Plant, soil and microbes – unraveling their interactive biology with science of metagenomics and proteomics - M. Anandaraj (323-334)
  17. Scoping the potential uses of beneficial microorganisms for biopesticide industry and entrepreneurship development in crop protection - B.N. Chakraborty (335-355)
  18. Endophytic fungi: Potential and prospects in plant health management - Nutan Kaushik, Susheel Kumar and Kanika Chowdhary (357-378)
  19. Potentials antibiotics of Fluorescent pseudomonads in sustainable crop disease management – M.K. Naik, G. Chennappa and J.U. Vinay (379-398)
  20. Bio control management of fungal plant diseases for sustainable agriculture in the tropics - D.B. Olufolaji (399-413)
  21. Recent development of biological control agents for oil palm diseases: from strain isolation to product development - Hesham A. El Enshasy, Daniel Azman, Tony Peng, Ramlan Aziz, Nor Zalina Othman, Roslinda Abd Malek (415-448)
  22. Understanding key mechanisms to enhance biological control of plant pathogens: Are we there yet? - W.G. Dilantha Fernando and Teresa de Kievit (449-455)
  23. Plants-derived products in sustainable pest management: Current status and future prospects - N.K. Dubey, Bhanu Prakash, Abhishek K. Dwivedy and Manoj Kumar (457--467)
  24. Natural antifungal systems in fruits and their utilization in the management of postharvest diseases - Nimal Adikaram and Chathurika Karunanayake (469-487)
  25. Ensuring biosecurity through efficient plant quarantine for healthy agricultural production and trade - S.C. Dubey, Kavita Gupta, Jameel Akhtar and V. Celia Chalam (489-508)