Recent Approaches for Management of Plant Diseases (2018)

Book 1

Recent Approaches for Management of Plant Diseases

Editors:Srikanta Das, Subtrata Dutta, B.N. Chakraborty and Dinesh Singh
Year:2018/ Pages 499
Price :5995.00
ISBN:81-7019-599-X (India), 1-55528-443-4 (USA)

About the Book

In order to provide recent knowledge to the scientific fraternity as well as to the students of Plant Pathology in the arena of diagnosis, epidemiology and management of important diseases of various crops, the book entitled “Recent Approaches for Management of Plant Diseases” has been compiled with an attempt to provide deeper knowledge on detection, epidemiology and management of important diseases of economically important food grain, fruit, vegetable, oilseed, medicinal and aromatic plants as well as plantation crop. The book also unveils the recent developments on the management of fungal, bacterial, nematode and viral diseases of few important crops. However, some novel crop disease management approaches such as use of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and soil suppressiveness are also discussed in depth.


  1. Plant disease forecasting in the era of climate change - Trends and applications - Sunita Mahapatra, Poly Saha and Srikanta Das (1-26)
  2. Soil suppressiveness for plant disease management - S. Dutta, A. Roy Barman, S. Jash R. Mondal and S.K. Ray (27-53)
  3. Recent approaches for detection and management of diseases of wheat - Apurba Kumar Chowdhury, Prateek Madhab Bhattacharya and Chirantan Chattopadhyay (55-80)
  4. Recent advancement in banana diseases and their management - Dilip Kumar Misra and Sahar Murmu (81-110)
  5. Detection and management of diseases of rapeseed mustard - P.D. Meena, Hari Singh Meena, M. Sujith kumar, Ashish Sheera and Pankaj Sharma (111-135)
  6. Citrus disease : Threats, diagnostics and management - Dilip Kumar Ghosh and M. S. Ladaniya (137-174)
  7. Tea Diseases : Early detection and their management strategies - B.N. Chakraborty and U. Chakraborty (175-208)
  8. Recent advances in management of bacterial wilt of solanaceous crops - Dinesh Singh and R. K. Ranjan (209-250)
  9. Diseases of medicinal and aromatic plants and their management - G. Mondal, B. Dasgupta and R. Sharma (251-283)
  10. Important diseases of cucurbitaceous crops and their management - Srabani Debnath, Partha Sarathi Nath and Asit Mondal (285-326)
  11. Papaya root rot incited by Fusarium solani: Etiology, symptomatology and management - S.K. Singh, Rahul Kumar and P.K. Jha (327-355)
  12. Foot rot and leaf rot of betelvine (Piper betle L.) caused by Phytophthora spp.: An overview - Basudeb Dasgupta and Goutam Mandal (357-387)
  13. Diseases of apple and their management - S.K. Gupta and Shalini Verma (389-422)
  14. Leaf curl disease: A significant constrain in production of chili in India - Vikas Solanki, Pradeep Kumar, Anirban Roy and Bikash Mandal (423-431)
  15. Protected cultivation - An emerging technology for horticultural crops with special emphasis for nematode problems and its management - Archana U. Singh (433-459)
  16. Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in plant disease management - B.N. Panja, J. Saha and M. Mondal (461-499)