Microbial Antagonists: Role in Biological Control of Plant Diseases (2018)

Book 1

Part - II: Bacterial Antagonists and Bacteriophages

Editors:R.N. Pandey, B.N. Chakraborty, Dinesh Singh and Pratibha Sharma
Price :9995.00 (for both set)
ISBN:81-7019-591-4 (India); 1-55528-437-X (USA)

About the Book

Microbial Antagonists: Role in Biological Control of Plant Diseases encompasses the overwhelming advantages of Biological Control Agents (BCA), their formulation, mass production, commercialization and potential field application for management of plant diseases. Scientists working in the areas of plant protection have contributed latest information on opportunities and challenges using bioinoculants and bio stimulants, their mode of action, cloning of antifungal anti bacterial genes, induced plant immunity, prospects of endophytic microorganisms and mycorrhiza in biocontrol and entrepreneurship development. The book will be useful and widely accepted by students, teachers, researchers as well as extension scientists working in biology, botany, plant pathology, nematology, entomology, ecology, agriculture, horticulture and the environmental sciences.


  1. Pseudomonas - A potential biocontrol agent for managing plant diseases - Vishal Gupta, Vijay K. Razdan, Kausar Fatima, Satish Sharma and Atul Kumar (395-423)
  2. 2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol biosynthesis in pseudomonads and its antagonistic efficacy against
  3. phytopathogens for sustainable agriculture systems - Jegan Sekar and V. R. Prabavathy (425-454)
  4. Bacillus: A potential biocontrol agent for management of crop diseases - Dinesh Singh and D.K. Yadav (455-486)
  5. Antimicrobial peptides of Bacillus species: Biosynthesis, mode of action and their role in plant disease management - S. Nakkeeran, Vinodkumar, S., Senthilraja, C. and Renukadevi P. (487-514)
  6. Role of bacterial endophytes in plant growth and disease management - Gagan Kumar, Arpan Mukherjee, Sudheer K. Yadav, Richa Raghuwanshi, Harikesh B. Singh and Birinchi K. Sarma (515-531)
  7. Role of bacterial antagonists in management of plant diseases - Vyas R.V., Panpatte D.G., Jhala Y.K. and Shelat H.N. (533-559)
  8. Agrobacterium radiobacter: A potential biocontrol agent for management of crown gall disease of plants - A.K. Gupta, Aditi Sharma, Kishore Khosla and Rup Lal (561-594)
  9. Phosphate solubilizing micro-organisms and their effectivenss against phytonematodes - Mujeebur Rahman Khan, Fayaz A. Mohiddin and Ziaul Haque (595-632)
  10. Potential of biocontrol agents against plant pathogens and their mechanism of action - S.K. Singh, M.B. Patel, P.K. Parmar, K.H. Patel and B.N. Thakker (633-653)
  11. Induced resistance - a sustainable biotechnological approach of plant disease management - Jayaraj Jayaraman (655-691)
  12. Induced immunity in plants using bioinoculants and biostimulants - B.N. Chakraborty and U. Chakraborty (693-712)
  13. Consortium of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for synergistic biocontrol mechanism - Prashant P. Jambhulkar, M. Rraja, Pratibha Sharma and S.S. Sharma (713-739)
  14. Impact of biological control of plant diseases in soil and plant health - M.P. Thakur, D. Sharma, K.P.Verma, B. Sahu, B.P. Tripathi and J. Sahu (741-762)
  15. Organic production of crops using biocontrol agents : Scope and future perspectives - V.I. Benagi and S.A. Ashtaputre (763-781)
  16. Indigenous technology knowledge as one of components of biological control under organic agriculture in India: An overview - Shamarao Jahagidar, Gududatta Hegade Astaputre S.A. and Kambrekar D.N (783-806)
  17. Experiential learning programme for preparing youth for entrepreneurship - Puja Pandey and Pratik Jaisani (807-831)
  18. Bacteriophages: Isolation, characterization and application in bacterial disease management - P. Barua and P.D. Nath (833-850)