Biological Control of Crop Diseases: Recent Advances & Perspectives - Part 2 (2018)

Book 1

Part II: Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Other Crops

Editors:Dinesh Singh, B.N. Chakraborty, R.N. Pandey and Pratibha Sharma
Price :9995.00 (for both set)
ISBN:81-7019- (India); 1-55528- (USA)

About the Book

Biological Control of Crop Diseases: Recent Advances and Perspectives Part 1: Horticultural Crops, Part 2: Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and other Crops presents up-to-date research findings on crop disease management to provide with a single-source reference text for developing a sustainable ecosystem that doesn't depend on harmful and unhealthy agrochemicals. The comprehensive research articles in this book represents the key subjects covered by invited authors. This unique book presents fresh ideas and innovative strategies for finding meaningful solutions to the problems of disease control and provides an excellent source of currently used biocontrol agents (BCA) for management of major crop diseases and their potential use in agricultural crop production in India. It is an invaluable reference resource for academics and extension scientists working the area of crop protection.


  1. Biological control of foliar diseases of paddy - Atul Kumar, Raj Kiran, Pooja Kumari and Vishal Gupta (411-432)
  2. Biological control of wheat diseases - Vaibhav K. Singh (433-463)
  3. Biological control of major diseases of sorghum - Yogendra Singh and Divya Sharma (465-480)
  4. Biological control of maize Diseases - Robin Gogoi, Sunaina Bisht, R.C. Mathuria and Venkatesh (481-501)
  5. Management of seed borne diseases of cereals using bioagents - V.R. Gohel (503-514)
  6. Biological control of fungal diseases of French bean - S.K. Gupta and Monica Sharma (515-527)
  7. Biological control of soil borne diseases of pigeonpea - R.K.Mishra, Krishna Kumar, Monika Mishra and D.K.Srivastava (529-537)
  8. Biological control agents based management of major diseases of chickpea - S.C. Dubey and Ardhika Tripathi (539-557)
  9. Biological control of diseases of mungbean and urdbean - Om Gupta and Sanjeev Kumar (559-579)
  10. Biological control of seed borne diseases of pulse crops - Parmar, R.G. and Sheth Priya (581-595)
  11. Biological control of diseases of castor, safflower and sunflower - R.D.Prasad and A. Srinivas (597-609)
  12. Microbial antagonists and their role in biological control of crucifer diseases - Lakshman Prasad and Dinesh Singh (611-631)
  13. Challenges and opportunities in management of soil borne pathogens of soybean using biocontrol agents - Shrishail S. Navi, A.H. Rajasab and X.B. Yang (633-680)
  14. Biological control of collar rot disease of groundnut - R.K. Gangwar, K.S. Prajapati,, S.G. Patel, M.B. Parmar and D.J. Kacha (681-699)
  15. Biological control of stem and pod rot disease of Groundnut using “Sawaj Trichoderma” – A success story - U.M. Vyas, K.B. Jadeja and L.F. Akbari (701-722)
  16. Biological control of sugarcane diseases - Priya John, Naveen Kumar, Rajesh Waghunde and Makwana K.V. (723-746)
  17. Application of IPM techno-package for management of root knot nematode and major soil borne wilt/rot fungi causing disease complex on rice and tomato - B.K. Goswami, Neetu Singh and Archana Singh (747-762)