Diseases of Fruit Crops (2013)

Book 1

Diseases of Fruit Crops

Editors:A. K. Misra, P. Chowdappa, P. Sharma and R. K. Khetarpal
Year:2013 / Pages : 342
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About the Book

This book provides a comprehensive information on Diseases of apple, banana, citrus, guava, grapes, mango and Pomegranate. The History, distribution, crop loss, cause, molecular characterization, epidemiology and integrated management strategies are covered. This is a valuable source book for Students, plant pathologists, horticulturists, nursery managers, agribusiness representatives and growers.


  1. Diseases of Guava - A.K. Misra (1-52)
  2. Diseases of Citrus - A.K. Das and Dilip Ghosh (53-111)
  3. Diseases of Grapes - Indu S. Sawant and S.D. Sawant (113-147)
  4. Diseases of Apple - J.N. Sharma (149-179)
  5. Diseases of Pomegranate - Jyotsana Sharma, Kuldeep Kumar Sharma and Vilas T. Jadhav (181-224)
  6. Diseases of Banana - R. Selvarajan and V. Balasubramanian (225-275)
  7. Diseases of Mango - A.K. Misra, P.K. Shukla and B.K. Pandey (277-335)