Diseases of Vegetable Crops (2014)

Book 1

Diseases of Vegetable Crops: Diagnosis and Management

Editors:Dinesh Singh, P. Chowdappa and Pratibha Sharma
Year:2014 / Pages : 746
Price :Rs: 5995.00, US$ 120.00 (Discount 20%)
ISBN:81-7019-497-0 (India) 1-55528-354-3 (USA)

About the Book

This Book Focuses on Diseases of Vegetable crops. The occurrence, distribution economic importance, disease sings, biology and pathology of etiological agents, molecular diagnosis, host range, disease cycle and integrated disease management strategies are covered. This book would serve as valuable resource for plant pathologists, horticulturists, nursery managers, teachers, students, exporters, importers, extension specialists and those who are associated with cause of vegetable corps.


  1. Tuber Borne Diseases of Potato - R.K. Arora and Vinay Sagar (1-57)
  2. Diseases of Tomato and Brinjal -Dinesh Singh and Pratibha Sharma (59-142)
  3. Diseases of Chilli - M.K. Naik and A.S. Savitha (143-184)
  4. Diseases of Cucurbits - Gireesh Chand, Sanjeev Kumar, R.S. Kureel and Dinesh Singh (185-262)
  5. Diseases of Cole Crops - M. Narayana Bhat, M.S. Kulkarni, Dinesh Singh, S. Vennila, H.R. Sardana, D.B. Ahuja and Pratibha Sharma (263-310)
  6. Diseases of Leguminous Vegetable Crops - S.K. Gupta and Meenu Gupta (311-439)
  7. Diseases of Tuber Crops - Kamal Khilari, Chandra Bhanu and Dinesh Singh (441-513)
  8. Diseases of Onion - Girija Ganeshan, B.S. Chethana, Archana S. Rao, K. Bellishree and P. Chowdappa (515-565)
  9. Diseases of Garlic - R.K. Mishra, R.K. Jaiswal, D. Kumar, M. K. Pandey and V.K. Baranwal (567-609)
  10. Diseases of Okra - Birendra Kumar and B.M. Bashyal (611-632)
  11. Diseases of Leafy Vegetables - M.K. Pandey, A. Gupta, R.K. Mishra and Krishna Kumar (633-707)
  12. Soil-borne Diseases of Temperate and Sub-temperate Vegetables under protected cultivation - A.K. Gupta, Sunita Chandel and N.K. Bharat (709-723)