IPS Book Publications and Discounted Membership in student group life membership

IPS Book Publications 

The Society intends to publish two edited reference books (Text book type) under the banner of the Indian Phytopathological Society entitled (i) Basics of Plant Pathology (Vol. I) and Diseases of Crops (Vol. II) based on syllabi for teaching of B.Sc. (Ag.) in SAUs.

Contributions are needed from our honorable members, preferably from the faculties of the SAUs. The topics/titles are given in the attached table. Interested members are requested to send their intent with other co-authors to contribute on the given topics positively by May 15, 2023 by return of the mail. 

Discounted Membership in student group life membership

A special discount of 30% for the student group life membership (group of minimum 10 students) has been approved by the EC for a limited period of one month only (May 01 - 30, 2023 ). However, there will be no any changes in discount of group life membership of faculty members, it will remain 10% discount for group of 10 minimum.


Life Membership: Rs. 12000.00

Less discount @ 30% : 3600

Total Amount : Rs. 8400.00

Add GST @18% : 1512.00

Total payable amount with GST : Rs. 9,912.00 (per member)

All the teachers/guides are requested to kindly inform their Ph.D. Research scholars to utilize this offer and motivate them to become the Life Member of the Society before May 31, 2023