Y.S. Ahlawat

President 1
Name Y.S. Ahlawat
Designation Emeritus Scientist
Complete postal Address with city code B-702, Ranjit Vihar-2, Sector-23, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110077
Email IDs yahlawat@yahoo.com
Mobile No. 9686012078

Brief Biodata

Prof Yashvir Singh Ahlawat, served as Professor of Virology and Head of Plant Virology Unit at the Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi -110012. 

A post graduate from Agra University (1966) started his carrier as a post graduate teacher and then joined IARI Regional Station at Flowerdale, Shimla (1968) and in 1972 became Assistant Virus Pathologist at IARI, Regional station, Kalimpong and served the station as Head for nearly a decade; joined the Division of Plant Pathology at IARI New Delhi in 1980 and continuing here giving leadership in Plant Virology research. His researches on virus diseases of citrus have made him an icon in the field of citrus virology globally. He has many maiden reports to his credit but of special mention are citrus yellow mosaic badnavirus and Indian citrus ringspot virus, which are new discoveries in the world. 

Widely travelled, representing the country both at National and International level; he was the Indian expert selected by IBPGR to USA to prepare FAO/IBPGR technical guidelines for the safe movement of citrus germplasm (1989). As FAO fellow he worked at university of California, Riverside and Instituto Biologico, Sao Paulo  at Brazil. He was visiting scientist at INRA, Bordeaux, France in 1991and 1994. He chaired International Meeting in Australia and China. Driving force in organizing 12th IOCV Conference at New Delhi in 1992 which brought India on the world map in Citrus virus research. 

Awarded the ICAR appreciation certificate for conducting an excellent training course on “ Detection of Plant pathogens” (1998) he continued the spirit and providing Hands-On training to 15 individual scientists through the HRD project in addition to group training to 100 scientists from ICAR, SAUs, and other Govt. organization. 

Most honourable among his long list of awards is the James M. and Adeline Wallace Research award (1998) by IOCV, University of California for the outstanding research in citriculture. He is also the recipient of Dr. H. D. Chapman award by the Indian Society on Citriculture, 1991. 

Member of a number of national and international professional societies He served Indian Phytopathological Society as Jt. Secretary (1989-91) and President, Delhi zone. (1995) Currently Vice-President of  Indian Society of Citriculture,  he was also its Secretary General from 1995-1997.Recently he was consultant to the Royal Govt. of Bhutan for improving citriculture in Bhutan (2001-2002). 

He has published more than 150 research papers in professional journals, has 16 book chapters and seven books to his credit. A popular teacher among PG students at IARI he has guided a number of students (Indian and foreign) for their Ph. D. M.Sc. research work. As chairman of the Advisory committee he guided 10 Ph. D including 3 international students and 2 M. Sc. students. He is member of several scientific committees and in selection boards at various universities, CSIR, UPSC etc.