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Dr. T. Prameela Devi

Dr. T. Prameela Devi



T. Prameela Devi                                                        



 Principal Scientist

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Division of Plant Pathology

 IARI, New Delhi-12

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Brief Biodata                            Dr.T.Prameela Devi , M.Sc(Ag), Ph.D                      


A) Joining Date in ICAR                :                 08.01.2002

B)  Discipline and Specialisation    :                 Plant Pathology and Fungal Taxonomy

C)  Date of Bitrh  :                                           20.08.1960

    Contribution to the scientific advancement:

  1. Initiated research in molecular taxonomy at ITCC, in the division of Plant Pathology, IARI, ND
  2. Developed Molecular Markers for identification of different fungal species.
  3. Developed Multiplex PCR for identification and differentiation of  Trichoderma   species
  4. Described  5 new genera and 11 new species of fungi and added to the science. 
  5. Popularised ITCC for its services among the public 
  6. Developed the ITCC to the recognition by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India during 2008 to act as fungal repository under the Bio-diversity Act, 2002   and by CIB (Central Insecticide Board),DPP,Q&S, Min. of Agriculture

Current area of Research:

Selection of DNA barcode for species differentiation offungal genera, Development of genus and species specific markers, Description of new fungi, andestablishment of evolutionary relationships of fungi, evaluation of fungal genera/species complex based on biochemical characterization, Development of digital catalogue of fungal cultures


Awards and Fellowships                   

1. A.K. Sorbhoy Memorial Award-2017

2. Elected as Honarary council member, Executive council of the Indian Mycological society (2013-16)

3.  Nominated  as an  Editor (Mycology) of the journal Indian Phytopathology  published by the Indian  Phytopathological Society for the year 2014-16.

 4. ICAR senior research fellowship was awarded during Ph. D.

 5. Ford Foundation Fellowship during M.Sc. (Ag) at AC&RI, Madurai, TNAU, Tamil Nadu

6.Fellow of IPS 2017